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Planning Ahead

Memorial of Saint Leo the Great, Pope and Doctor of the Church

My dear encountered couples:

Many people today are fearful of the future. Jobs are being lost, companies are downsizing and moving out of the country. How long can I continue living at the level I am accustomed? In the future will I have enough money for my family to live on? What should I do if my expenses become greater than my income? These and other questions are becoming a big part of American life.

The wise person plans for the future. He takes into consideration all possibilities and prepares for them. We should do that not only with our economic futures but also with our spiritual.

If hard times come to us, will we have enough faith to get us through them? Will we have enough trust and confidence in God that no matter what happens we will know that he is allowing what is happening for our good? And that if we hang in there and do our best he will bring good out of even the worst of situations? Being spiritually prepared for bad times is very, very smart. Death, taxes, and inflation come to everyone. Through Christ we can handle them all. Without him, well, I hate to think about it.

Acquire the habit of living in God’s presence. Walk with him, talk with him, laugh with him. Then if things do turn sour in your life, you will have him to lean on. The devious servant in our parable was about to lose his job. He prepared for it. Let us prepare ourselves spiritually for whatever our future brings.

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