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Obedience To God

Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

My dear encountered couples:

Yesterday we celebrated the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, today we celebrate the memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The love of the Son and the love of his Mother are gifts to us which we must never take lightly. By remaining mindful of their love for us, we can always enjoy feelings of security.

If Jesus and Mary love us, what more could we ever need?

Jesus loved God, he loved Mary and Joseph, and proved his love over and over. In our gospel he shows his love for his heavenly Father by going to Jerusalem when he was twelve as the Law said all males must do, and by going to the temple to hear from the teachers more about God his Father. He showed his love for Mary and Joseph by returning to Nazareth with them and living obedient to them. Imagine the Son of God obedient to human beings. If that isn’t love and respect, then I don’t know what love is.

Mary and Joseph loved their son more than themselves. They proved that many times. Today is one of those times when we are told how they searched for him throughout Jerusalem. Children must not take their parents love for granted. None of us should take the love of God, of Jesus, nor of our Blessed Mother for granted. When I wander away from God by sinning I sometimes wonder why God doesn’t just say, “Forget him, good riddance, we are all better off without having to worry about that prodigal.

But like the parents of Jesus searched for him until they found him, Jesus and his Mother are always on our trail when we drift away. How can we show our love for Jesus and Mary? By going after them instead of making them come after us. In other words, by doing as they always did: By being obedient to God.

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