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Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul, Apostle

My dear encountered couples:

This feast is for all of us. Though called the Conversion of St. Paul, it can also be called, “The Day Paul Ate His Own Words.”

Paul had been going around telling everybody how awful and stupid and crazy were the followers of that crucified Galilean. “The man is dead, gone, it’s all over,” said Paul. “All that that man from Nazareth preached and promised was a lot of rubbish. Anyone who believes in him is not only deluded, but dangerous to the state. I know how to remedy the situation,” bragged Paul. “Gather up all those crazies and throw them into prison. That will knock sense into their heads. Then we can get this land of Israel back to normal, to the way it was before that trouble maker came on the scene.”

Yes, Paul had a level head on his shoulders. He was a learned man. He knew all, he had all the answers. And he would make those Christ lovers listen to him. What happened?

The tables were turned. Jesus stopped Paul in his tracks, screwed his head on straight, and made him into one of the greatest Christ lovers in history. This is the feast of The Day Paul Ate His Own Words.

How would you like to have such a feast in your honor? Ever eat your own words? Sort of embarrassing. Believe me, I know - from personal experience. None of us knows everything, do we? Not even about Jesus Christ. Let us learn to live with open minds and be able to hear the Holy Spirit when he speaks to us. Thank you, Paul, for teaching us a great lesson.

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