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Friday of the Seventh Week of Easter

My dear encountered couples:

Jesus asked Peter if he loved him. Anyone ever ask you that? Your husband or wife probably has. Maybe your children, your parents, certainly somebody. And when you responded, “Of course I love you,” did they ever say? “Well, you sure don’t show it.” That seems to be how love is measured. Our deeds seem to be the measure of our love. It is not enough that we say we love; we must do something to prove it. Jesus was looking for proof too.

“Do you love me, Peter?” “Of course,” responded Peter. “Then show me,” Jesus said, “by feeding my lambs and tending my sheep.”

Ever have the problem of after showing your love for someone by doing a lot of things for them, they say, “Well, that was yesterday. What have you done for me today?” Some people are hard to please. What you did yesterday is gone. The love you showed for them by your deeds yesterday is a thing of the past. “How are you going to show your love for me today?” they want to know. God is sort of like that. We might have shown love for God yesterday, but what have we done for him today? Suppose he feels insecure like some people do and needs to be shown love every day, maybe many times a day?

You do show God love every day when you keep his commandments, when you do anything good at all for those who need your help. “Do you love me?” God asks you every day. “Sure, I do Lord,” you respond. Then he says, “Feed my cats, water my flowers, give the doctors, nurses, and other COVID-19 frontliners a big smile of appreciation, leave some toilet papers or groceries at the door of your sick and elderly neighbor. That will show you love me.”

Doesn’t take much to please God. Just try to be sure you don’t forget to show God some love every day. You wouldn’t want him to feel left out.

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